Hey guys! So, I was thinking Would it be great to have a wiki prom? Well we had one before with dates and yeah. So, I am thinking We should have Morp.

What's Morp? Edit

Morp is an anti-Prom. There are no dates, drama and it's for people fed up with normal prom.

Date, Time & Where Edit

Date: Next Saturday

Time: 8 ET time


Who's Coming? Edit

  • Me!
  • Rose
  • Shay
  • Shel
  • Sophia
  • Jay
  • Violet
  • Rossay
  • Brett
  • Claire

Theme Edit

Rules Edit

  • No cursing. It's a different wiki, but no cursing.
  • No being rude. All people being rude shall be kicked

Outfits Edit

Marley Edit